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Our kittens are sold mainly in Spain (on the mainland and here in the Balearic Islands), but there are also Bellabonny cats now in France, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Portugal, Madeira, Andorra, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. We are willing to consider applications from further afield, subject to foreign importation regulations and the availability of suitable transport.

I am happy to say that most of our kittens go to pet homes, but I am also proud that other reputable breeders have incorporated representatives of our bloodlines into their breeding programme. Whether their destiny takes them to glory on the show bench, a place in feline history as the sires or dams of future generations, or simply to a good life as a much loved pet in a happy home, I am always really pleased to receive news of our babies who have grown up. The photos we receive at Christmas and other times are all very special and carefully treasured in our albums.

No kitten leaves us before the age of 12 weeks minimum. There is so much that the babies have to learn from their mothers and siblings. If parted from them too early, a kitten may become shy, reserved or even aggressive. Bellabonny kittens are confident and happy little animals, able to cope with changes and new environments.

All our kittens are fully weaned and accustomed to a whole range of solid foods: dry food, premium tinned food and home prepared food. The most important staple is high quality dry food. I have tried most of the makes on the market, and – like many other breeders – have come to the conclusion that there is one brand which is far superior to all the others : Royal Canin. Our kittens are weaned on to Royal Canin Babycat and they love it. Later on, they are switched to Royal Canin Kitten, while our adults get Royal Canin Sensible and Royal Canin Hair and Skin. The quality of these products is reflected in the beautiful textured glossy coats and general condition of our cats.

The kittens are house trained and know what the litter box is for. They have all had a minimum of two visits to the vet to receive their 3-in-1 vaccinations (Panleucopaenia, Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus) and be generally checked over to ensure that all is well. We do not vaccinate against Leukemia, but recommend that this be done before the age of 6 months if the kitten is to come into contact with any other animals. Any kitten sent abroad is also vaccinated against rabies. All kittens are also treated against internal and external parasites.

I am a great believer in the early spaying and neutering of kittens bound for pet homes. Extensive research has shown that this has no adverse effects on the future physical, mental and emotional development of the cat. When the operation is performed at an early age it is far less stressful and the kitten bounces back (quite literally) within hours. This procedure ensures that the kitten will never even learn adult sexual behaviour and so the owner is spared all the problems of calling females, spraying males and straying in search of mates by both sexes. By mutual consent, the sterilisation can be done before the kitten leaves home, by my own excellent vet, Bristol trained Nick Murgatroyd BVSc MRCVS, in his Clinica Veterinaria Bendinat.

Our kittens are born and brought up in our house, underfoot. We talk to them, play with them and make sure that they are really well socialised and thoroughly used to being handled on a daily basis. Our kittens are not kept in a sterile environment. Visitors (especially children) are encouraged to pick up the babies and play with them. Things like vacuum cleaners, TV’s and HiFi systems, noisy power tools etc. are not fearsome monsters, just everyday items they need not be afraid of. A car ride is not frightening either, as our kittens are taken out frequently and do not associate travelling with a visit to the vet.

We would ask anyone interested in one of our kittens to first read the sales contract on this page. The most important clause is the last one that says in effect that any Bellabonny cat or kitten is assured of a home, with us or with someone else that we trust, if for any reason at all at any time in its life, it cannot stay with the people who bought it from us. Kittens of our breeding are our family and as such we are responsible for them for their entire lives not just the first few weeks.

Formula 1 racing driver, Ralf Schumacher,
with his Bellabonny kitten, Humbug


Household Pet

This agreement, made the __date__ between Gwen D’Arcy of Bellabonny Cattery, (FIFe prefix nº 1647) hereinafter referred to as the VENDOR and __purchaser__ of __purchaser address__ Tel. : __purchaser telephone nº__ hereinafter referred to as the PURCHASER.

For the sum of __purchase amount__ euros, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the Vendor agrees to sell and the Purchaser agrees to buy the feline described below:

NAME __kitten's name__
DATE OF BIRTH __kitten's birth date__
BREED __kitten's breed__
SEX __kitten's sex__
COLOUR __kitten's colour__
SIRE __sire's name__
DAM __dam's name__
REGISTRATION Nº __kitten's registration number__


  1. The Vendor guarantees the animal to be in good health, fully vaccinated against Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleucopaenia, and wormed against internal parasites.
  2. The Vendor shall not be held responsible for any illness contracted by the animal at a date later than the one shown on this present agreement, nor shall she be liable for any expenses contracted for the treatment of such an illness, providing that the condition is not proved to be directly due to a congenital defect (as attested in writing by a qualified Veterinary Practitioner).
  3. The animal is sold as a Household Pet and can never be bred in any circumstances.
  4. The Purchaser undertakes to have the animal neutered by a Veterinary Surgeon before attaining the age of 9 months. The Purchaser further undertakes to inform the vendor when this operation has been carried out, submitting a written certificate from the Veterinary Surgeon. The animal’s Pedigree (Certificado of Origenes) will only be handed over by the Vendor to the Purchaser upon completion of this clause.
  5. The animal shall never, under any circumstances, be declawed.
  6. Should the Purchaser be unable or unwilling for whatever reason to keep the animal at any moment in its future life, he/she undertakes to contact the Vendor , who for her part undertakes to resume possession of the animal. In such a case, no purchase fee will be refunded and the Vendor is entitled to either keep or rehome the animal as she sees fit.

Signed :

The Vendor

__vendor's signature__

Gwen D’Arcy

The Purchaser

__purchaser's signature__

I have read & understood this sale agreement, & agree to the conditions therein.

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