The Burmillas

The Boys

International Champion Bellabonny Hot Stuff

Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla
Born : 16 April 2002
Sire : EC Wendele Casanova (BMLcs11)
Dam : Wendele Jacinda (BMLbs11)

Harry to his friends, this beautiful boy has a lovely character and adores his humans. He is shaping up nicely and fathered his first kittens in October 2003. Having tried to mate his Mum at the tender age of 4 and a half months, we’re hoping that he’ll go on to be a prolific stud. Doing well on the show bench, one of his most memorable achievements was in Albi, France, where he was chosen as Best of Variety, beating two European Champions for the distinction.

International Champion Tuppence de Grainoge

Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla
Born : 19 September 2002
Sire : EC Edison of Misapotanien (BMLns11)
Dam : EC Bellabonny Enigma Variations (BMLas11)

Tuppence was bred by our good friend and GCCF Burmese judge, Prue Kerr, who lives in the south of France. With two European champions (one of them a Bellabonny) as his parents, he had a lot to live up to. Having got to International Championship status by his first birthday, this lovely boy looks set to follow where they led.

European Premier Wendele Debonair

Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla
Born : 25 February 1998
Sire : EC Thamakan Silver Duke (BMLns11)
Dam : Wendele Jacinda (BMLbs11)

Variously known as George, Gorgeous George and Saint George, this is without question our cuddliest cat. George featured in the pages of the Burmilla Cat Club web site, illustrating the chapter entitled “What a Burmilla Should Look Like”, which is an accolade in itself. Darling of the judges too, George was BIS 12 times on his way to the ultimate title of European Premier. Incidentally, to achieve a “European” title in FIFe, a cat needs to win their class at no fewer than 21 separate shows in a minimum of three different countries.

International Premier Bellabonny Eureka

Cream Shaded Silver Burmilla
Born : 10 December 1999
Sire : EC Wendele Casanova (BMLcs11)
Dam : CH Wendele Contrarie Mary (BURg)

This gentle giant is known as Archie to his family (Eureka… Archimedes… Archie… Get it?) His job in the cattery is to look after his younger half brother Harry, which he does admirably, his own calm and unassuming attitude acting as a foil to the more exuberant Harry.

The Girls

European Champion Wendele Druscilla

Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla
Born : 10 June 1998
Sire : EC Wendele Casanova (BMLcs11)
Dam : Wendele Colette (BMLbs11)

Cilla was our original Burmilla and was purrsonally responsible for getting us hooked on showing. At her (and our) first ever show, at the tender age of 3 months and 3 days, she got BIS and was also chosen as the “Best Kitten Born in Spain in 1998”. This gorgeous girl went on to a brilliant show career with no fewer than 20 BIS/BOX/BIV to her credit. Her big green eyes would melt the hardest heart. Sadly, having developed a heart condition, she has now been spayed.

Wendele Jacinda

Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla
Born : 10 June 1995
Sire : EC Kartush Xenefer (BMLns11)
Dam : Brandywell Phillipine Pansy (BMLns11)

Our doyenne, Cindy was one of the first Burmillas to be born in Spain and goes back on the prestigious Kartush and Brandywell lines. Although perhaps not of “show quality” herself (her tipping being too heavy), she has mothered lots of marvellous kittens, including George and Harry (see above). She is the real “earth mother” type and is never happier than when she has babies.

Champion Bellabonny Etincelle

Brown Tortie Shaded Silver Burmilla
Born : 30 October 1999
Sire : GIC Wendele Cardinal Red (BURd)
Dam : EC Wendele Druscilla (BMLbs11)

“Chispa” was the only daughter that Cilla ever produced (by Caesarian). Though she lacks her dam’s almost perfect type, she is still a nice looking girl and a good mother too. Sadly, Chispa suffered during a period when she belonged to a “wannabe breeder” whose standards were… shall we say “different” to our own. Thankfully we were able to recover her and bring her home together with her friend GiGi (now a much loved pet) and her mate Bellabonny Fleetwood Mac. After this traumatic experience, Mac is now happily re-homed with our good friend José Panama in Prague, where he has just completed his Grand International Championship and continues with his stud work. It says a lot for the Burmilla temperament and their love of humans that all three cats came through this experience unscathed.

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