The Burmese

The Boys

Grand International Champion Wendele Cardinal Red

Red Burmese
Born : 5 August 1997
Sire : EC Theebaw Cream Rajah (BURe)
Dam : Nylact Saeeda Bai (BURd)

Otherwise known as Sultan, this lovely boy was bred by Wendy Chapman (who pioneered Burmese and Burmillas in Spain) and came to us in November 1998 as our first stud. He has fathered numerous litters of beautiful kittens for us, but has now been neutered and lives in honourable retirement.

International Champion Kartush Shadhu

Lilac Burmese
Born : 4 July 1999
Sire : Penric Jingle (BURb)
Dam : IC Pawdew Lucie Lockett (BURj)

Shadhu came to us in Spring 2002 from his breeder in England, Thérèse Clarke, who was a pioneer of the Burmilla breed and for many years was Company Secretary and a Director of the Cat Association of Britain. Shadhu has successfully fathered several lovely litters of big healthy kittens. At home Shadhu has a wonderful temperament and just loves having his tummy tickled, but sadly we found that showing is just not his thing and so, in order not distress him, his career on the bench was abandoned after having obtained his International Championship.

Wendele Wallace

Brown Burmese
Born : 28 July 2003
Sire : IC Wendele Garfield (BURn)
Dam : Molly Malone de Grainoge (BURn)

Just when I had told myself I had to wait before adding a second Burmese stud, along came Wills. This kitten was just too lovely and too adorable to refuse. Wills is growing up fast and shares a house with Sultan and George. He has wound these two crusty old gentlemen around his little paw and both of them dote on their “favourite nephew”. I have to say that we do too.

The Girls

Grand International Champion Honpuss Bellabonny Bambi

Brown Burmese
Born : 20 July 2000
Sire : GC (GCCF) Katone Chocee Wallace (BURb)
Dam : GC (GCCF) Honpuss Silver Willow (BURa)

Bambi was bred by our good friend Sandra Woodley (UK) and can boast an impeccable lineage, with her sire a GCCF Grand Champion and her dam a GCCF UK Grand Champion. Following in their paw prints, Bambi is now a Grand International Champion. She is a great character and loves her humans to bits. Nothing ruffles this beautiful even-tempered cat, but she is a great escape artiste who can get her paw round the trickiest handles and bolts.

Bellabonny Ice Angel

Brown Burmese
Born : 18 February 2003
Sire : IC Kartush Shadhu (BURc)
Dam : Bellabonny Goody Two Shoes (BURf)

Our “great white hope” (or should that be brown hope???) for the future. Fudge, as she is usually known, nearly didn’t make it, being born by Caesarian 12 hours after her normally delivered siblings. Like any star, she was just waiting for the right moment to make her entrance!

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