The Bengals

For many years we have been attracted by the spectacular beauty of the Bengal breed. In June 2004 we gave in to temptation and acquired two lovely girls, mother and daughter, already in kitten to a snow marble boy. In recognition of their super-soft and friendly temperament, we have renamed them Sunny and Honey.

Patriarca Itsy Bitsy

Brown spotted Bengal
Born : 18 January 2003
Sire : GIC Llandar Topgun (BEN n24)
Dam : Jagsun Sierra Sun Glow (BEN n24)

Jagsun Sierra Sun Glow

Brown spotted Bengal
Born : 30 August 1998
Sire : Llandar Noble Sultan (BEN n24)
Dam : Adquash Llandar Jagsunruby (BEN n24)

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