from Gwen & Philip D’Arcy

After an expatriate career in the field of petroleum and geological resources, spent mainly in the Middle East, in 1986 we came to live on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca, where we breed exquisite European Burmese, Burmilla and Bengal cats.

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to our cats and set out our own views about breeding. There are plenty of web sites which will tell you all about the history and the standards for our breeds. If you can’t find them for yourself, please mail us and we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Our breeding philosophy is quite simple : like all serious breeders, we are on a quest for the Holy Grail. At Bellabonny, our aim is to produce the perfect Burmese, the perfect Burmilla and the perfect Bengal. By “perfect”, we mean a cat which totally conforms physically to the standard of points laid down for the breed and combines this with a sunny equable temperament, a lively intelligent attitude and a loving affectionate nature.

Although this quest results in the birth of several litters each year, we are most definitely NOT breeding specifically to produce kittens for sale. We thoroughly enjoy the company of our kittens and delight in caring for them and educating them in their first months. As they go off to their carefully selected new homes, the proceeds from their sale allows us to carry on with our hopefully evolutive breeding programme.

Our working ethic is also simple : the cats come first in everything. They are the best and they deserve the best. Their housing is built to the highest standards, their diet is carefully controlled and they eat only top quality premium food, their veterinary supervision is constant and excellent and… above all… their right to our time and attention, love and affection is always paramount.

We hope that you will enjoy meeting our cats and we’d like to hear back from you. If you are visiting this site because you are looking for a kitten, please e-mail us to find out if we can help you now or relatively soon. You may have to be patient if you are looking for a particular colour/sex combination, but we do keep a waiting list. Bellabonny kittens and cats are currently governing households throughout Europe. Some are quite simply much loved pets, while others are busily gaining titles on the show bench and participating in other breeding programmes. Whatever their destiny, my final words to each kitten departing to their new homes are “Always remember that you’re a Bellabonny; it’s very special”.

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